So, your kid is into TomSka.

Who is that? Let me explain.

Thomas James “TomSka” Ridgewell is a 27-year-old London-based comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer and director. Ridgewell started making short films with his parents’ camera early on in life and is one of Youtube’s longest content creators.

Ridgewell previously worked on the British webtoon Eddsworld, which was created and animated by Ridgewell’s friend Edd Gould. Ridgewell in this format is represented as a blue-hoodied mean-spirited alcoholic. Following Gould’s death in 2012 to leukemia, Ridgewell continued the show until 2016, when he handed the show back over to Gould’s family.

Ridgewell’s content revolves around dark and violent comedy, done in live action or animated form. For example, Pizza Time and its spiritual successor, Time Trouble, both deal with time travel-based comedy.

Future Tom: STOP! I’m you from the future!

Present Tom: The Future? Oh man, I got fat!

Future Tom: Like an hour into the future.

Present Tom: Oh. (glances at his stomach) Oh… (sadly)

Pizza Time (2015)

Ridgewell’s most popular video is also one of his earliest successes. asdfmovie (ASS-duff-MOO-vee) was created in 2008, and it sparked dozens of running gags and memes across its ten installments, including “I like Trains”, which got its own song, and “Everybody Do the Flop“, which also got its own song.

Almost every sketch from each of the 10 ‘asdfmovies’ is highly quotable and their popularity stretches far across the internet, even to people who don’t know who Ridgewell himself is.

Ridgewell’s live-action sketches have a ranging budget and scope from the low-budget but high-creativity The Hole to the high-budget and also high-creativity Baby With A Gun 2, wrapping back to the low-budget and well-written ‘The Confession‘, which has two sequels.

Ridgewell’s second channel, DarkSquidge, differs in content. DarkSquidge videos range from the weekly Vlog (Video log, or video diary) “Last Week”, which details the week to week of Ridgewell’s life, to videos talking about anger managementdepression, weight loss, and his own personal struggle with all three. The  DarkSquidge channel also does “Thanksdays“, where Ridgewell gives thanks to the people who helped him get where he is now.

Ridgewell’s current company is known as TurboPunch Ltd., with the three most prominent employees being Tom RidgewellEddie Bowley, and Elliot Gough. Music for most of Ridgewell’s videos is created by Todd “LilDeuceDeuce” Bryanton.

So that’s TomSka: A British youtube producer/director/actor who creates comedy sketches, full to the brim with grim humor and energy.

Now you can watch his videos with your kid, and be a rock star!